1920’s black and white movie time…

At this time of year, something very odd seems to happen for me, everything seems to speed up in the most remarkable way. Life seems to turn into one of those black and white “movies” of the 20s where everything happens at double speed accompanied by the sound of frenetic music going on in the background. As the piano plays, figures rush through life, tripping up, falling off buildings, driving at great speed. The central figures, latter day Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keeton, seem to rush through life having hardly the time even to react to events going on around them. So much has occurred in such a short space of me. Maybe it is the last push before one goes for holiday with the family and wants everything to tick over nicely so as not to be disturbed too much while away…

Brexit negotiation is pushing forward and at the same time trade deals are being lined up with ROW countries. Investment is still flowing in to the UK with several big deals announced recently (including some with EU countries) here, here and here to name just a few! As Bill Clinton (a Former Oxford man) once said “It’s the economy st**id!” and so we agree.

Mortgage payments as a % of income stays around the trusty 30% mark, slightly above the traditional 25% but reasonable and in keeping with our property management arm Yora’s rates for tenants.

And the arrival of the Oxford YIMBY (yes! in my back yard) activist group is born. (details to follow) as we approach the Oxford Local plan 2016 – 2036 at the end of this month here.

We are still coming across many a nervous and indecisive investor and wondering how we can help them overcome “event & headline based decision making” ? Progress not perfection is our mantra there and shall continue to be so.

Finally the result of our general election was a fairly big surprise – Or was it? As we have been saying for some time this more central approach will help in keeping everybody calm and will continue to keep the status quo until at least 2023.

I hope all our limited partners and all those who we spend time with a very happy summer break and an exciting autumn to come.

Adam Mackrell


Oxford Spires Group