About Us

Oxford Spires Group is categorised as a small company.

At OSG we are bullish about small, nimble and adaptable companies and our future.

We have considerably less bureaucracy and overheads  than many of our peers keeping our service high, our overheads low and our products transparent, easy to understand and fair.

With  our location in the world we are able to  tap in to top research talent, keeping an ear to the ground and an eye on the horizon.

With a Tech and data capability as good as any we are able to reach far,  move fast and punch above our weight. 

 In order to help in achieving success we integrate our excellent research teams and models and processes with our local and national “ear to the ground” networks and suppliers.

Our People

  • Are collaborative, inclusive and encouraging of diversity
  • Have courage to look at new ideas
  • Are determined to achieve the absolute best results
  • Understand that hard work and innovation comes from passion of what you do
  • Truly understand the needs of clients and the intricacies of our marketplace

The quality of our people is why our clients, suppliers and network recognize that we are ‘good people to do business with’.

Our philosophy & approach

Our DNA is 100% residential real estate and our approach is thorough, consistent, conservative and all encompassing.

Extinction as opposed to ego, our people are a key differentiator for our business. Our teams are committed to the organization, its values and the growth of our clients. With clients growth comes business growth and the harmonization of these elements provide us with the foundations to build a durable, sustainable and happy business environment for the future.

Integrating our clients, suppliers and network will allow us to deliver consistently a fund thats performance meets all objectives and needs, leaving no stone left unturned.