Spot of tennis?

One of my aims when I began working on our first fund “Oxford Spires REIF LP” was to have an open relationship with as many as the limited partners as possible. This is not always easy as some are not based here in the UK but do sometimes pass through for one reason or another. So to help in this I asked recently one of them – whom was passing through –  if they fancied a game of tennis (indoors) as away to get to know us more and to talk a bit of shop too. I thought this would be interesting, particularly given our proximity to the court on Merton Street and the fact that the most famous exponent of the game, Henry VIII is particular favourite king of mine. Indeed it was said that he was playing Real Tennis when he heard of the execution of his second wife, Anne Boleyn.

What i learnt from this experience was that what we achieved in those 90 mins or so and a cup of tea afterwards was so much more helpful for both of us in getting know what we are about and what we might be able to do further to help each other than several phone or camera calls. It has led me to confirm my beliefs that there is much more to this business than i possibly thought there was in the beginning and that helping, caring and being open minded with all partners of our fund is helping us all, stakeholders, partners and end users of our products grow and develop. It certainly helps in the trust we both need in each other to continue to grow what deliver a great product at a great price.

I hope to meet and spend some face to face time with a s many of the limited partners as I can and open up that invitation to potential partners too whom are unsure of dealing by phone or email. Oxford is an amazing historic place to live and work and entertain – we are blessed to be here for so many reasons.

Adam Mackrell


Oxford Spires Group