Summer holiday reminders!

Tuesday 12 September 2017

After a lovely summer break with family and friends I learnt some good reminders about energy, commitment and enjoying life but also to try and create that same environment in a professional experience for both stakeholders and limited partners and the realisation that the results will take care of them selves.

I was reminded of children’s adeptness for play over the summer and it never ceases to amaze me. Playing is something they seem to do without anyone having to encourage them. They are, when given the chance to play, full of energy and enthusiasm, and know exactly what to do. This was obvious when watching my daughter and friends playing on the beach. Running down to the sea, back again with the buckets, over to the rocks with the nets and back again, aware of where each other is, avoiding contact here, dodging sideways there. Meanwhile, by the play area a beach ball appears. Teams form, the ball is thrown and caught, people join, people drop out – everything seems to regulate itself without or with very little adult intervention. I suspect at the heart of all this action is something hardwired namely that children seem to enjoy play of many kinds and it seems to me that in all aspects of work life we should try to create situations like this, where we all can enjoy everything that we become involved at OSG with each and every project and that our enjoyment will provide the energy and commitment which we need to succeed for our limited partners and stakeholders alike.

Of course every decent business should look at often; the way it communicates and how it communicates internally and externally but there is no question that if we can try and simulate, through good communication and through personal connections made between stakeholders and limited partners this enjoyment and engage fully with activities and projects, then we will create the satisfaction which will lead to the commitment necessary for real success. Of course sometimes we need to lean on our team, our partners and prospective partners in order to get them to complete necessary tasks and get in to action, but by far the best approach we can take to all aspects of our functions and responsibilities, particularly investment and security work, is to create the same conditions as those observable on the beach, an atmosphere of joyous activity and commitment based upon love of progress, growing and securing our futures. That ultimately will lead all of us here to achieve most both now and in the long term.

Looking forward to a strong, positive end of year ahead .

Adam Mackrell


Oxford Spires Group