The longer game!!

You cannot travel far in Oxford without coming across signs for “Beard”? This is not because the people here in Oxford have a fondness for facial hair… No, but because the well known construction company Beard is adding yet more beauty to the skylines of Oxford with a wonderful new addition to Oxford’s extraordinary array of buildings.

There is a lot to learn from Mr. Mark Beard who is the managing director of what is still family run firm going on past the 125 year mark. Upon a recent meeting i was keen to learn what and how longevity such as this can be achieved. The key thing i learnt was not that a great grandfather had been in the Guinness book of records or that another had been honoured by the queen for efforts during the world war but that the key is simple – to meet its promises and deliver to its clients satisfactorily and taking care of them. Taking care of something always seems to and should matter greatly. The best ideas are always simple ones! Beard’s latest work at Worcester college here in Oxford is a beauty and seems to epitomise all things that help to make this city such a beautiful and amazing place and most importantly where details are cared about. Like many buildings here in Oxford they have worked with an eye to posterity instead of short term gain.

I would like to think that we here at OSG look towards the future and medium to long term gain as opposed to short term gain and recklessness  – which seems to be the unspoken “motto” of many or our peers in our business of fund management. By paying attention to detail and taking care of our clients and the end users of our assets we can take great privilege in helping to build a sustainable and profitable portion of our clients portfolios with a clean conscious, peace of mind and a smile on our faces.

Welcome to OSG.




Adam Mackrell

Oxford Spires Group